From a young age, I was passionate about images. Their complexity and colors.
I started learning photography on my own and entered in the visual culture.

After my high school, I started learning graphic and motion design in Bordeaux at ECV Aquitaine.
I spent 3 years in there learning the basics of composition, colors and animation.
I received some distinctions through the press for my student work “Games of Thrones Opening Titles”.
On this project I worked as a director, graphic designer and compositor with two talented girls : Alison Dulou and Mathilde Loubes.

Then, I moved to Montpellier to continue my learning and specialization in digital compositing at Artfx School, where I kept learning and developing my artistic and technical skills.

I have just graduated from Artfx School and during the last year, I worked on the short movie “D/fault” with my incredible teammates Amaury Rospars, Nina Chlodnik and Wilson Virassamy Sacri.
I learned a lot with them, as well on an artistic level and a personal one. To take efficient decisions fast and ensure a good balance between the different shots.

Now I am focusing to further develop my artistic eye, continue to learn scripting and be curious at any time.

In parallel of my studies, I haven’t forgot my first love which pushed me in that work : the photography.

Through the years, I spent my time experimenting and learning from all others photographers and specially Magnum’s photographer such as Henry Cartier Bresson or more recently Lorenzo Meloni.

Now I am trying to put some of my graphical learning through photography with my architecture series.
And during my different travels in having more a photo-journalism work aspect.

Since 2015, I have been working more with film than digital. I love the constraints of that medium, and the fact that you can’t control everything.
I will keep working with these 2 mediums and also will get into portraits.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
I am opened to any collaboration.